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KB Home replaces all 1,080 decks on a 540 unit townhome complex with Pli-Dek® Systems Waterproof Deck Coating System on project which is less than 10-years old. Read more


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Waterproofing 101

August 23rd, 2016
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How Many Years Does Your Waterproof Deck Coating Have?

  How many years does your waterproof deck coating have depends on a number of factors. It is not unlike most projects or endeavors taken on in life. It always begins with a good foundation, followed by continued attention to assure its integrity, while keeping an eye on the effects wrought by over- or long-term use.   Read More …

August 19th, 2016
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Can Anyone Install Your Waterproof Deck Coating?

A waterproof deck coating can greatly enhance the luster and durability of your patio area and deck. However, the beauty and functionality of your deck coating hinges upon whether the coating is properly applied according to specifications. As you ask yourself whether anyone can install your waterproof deck coating, remember that failure to accurately install your waterproof   Read More …

August 17th, 2016
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The Benefits of Single Source Manufacturing

The Benefits of Single Source Manufacturing derive from common sense. It’s not often in the business world that a company will choose a sole vendor or manufacturer, excluding all others. Companies like flexibility. They know that reliance on just one manufacturer may turn into an anchor around their neck, pulling them down if the provider of   Read More …

August 11th, 2016
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Pedestrian Traffic Coating vs. Between Slab Waterproofing

If you have been considering a project of new construction, upgrading an existing structure or performing maintenance on concrete areas, you may have come across terminology that is confusing. Pedestrian traffic coating and between slab waterproofing are two coatings that may be suggested by a contractor to protect concrete slabs. While both are waterproofing sealants for concrete, their   Read More …



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