Training on Waterproof Deck Systems: Providing Licensed & Educated Personnel



Training on Waterproof Deck Systems: Providing Licensed & Educated Personnel

Training on Waterproof Deck Systems, why is it important?

When considering a company to install your waterproofing systems, you should look further than just the surface. Ensuring that the company you choose educates and certifies their employees is essential to having the work performed correctly the first time. Any company worth its salt will willingly train their employees for state and federal certification programs to provide the best services for their clients.


Disclosure and transparency.

When considering having waterproof deck systems installed, ask the companies you are looking at. They should willingly provide the information and license numbers as a matter of business, with no questions asked.


States are now requiring certification in waterproofing systems.

Water damage is a very large component of construction repair. The American Insurance Association indicates that water damage claims have grown faster than any other type of homeowner repair claim. (To the tune of billions of dollars a year, nationwide). Incorrect installation and maintenance of waterproofing systems is one of the main reasons for the failures. To avoid the hassle and financial headache of costly repairs, use a company that trains their employees in the correct construction techniques.


Waterproofing systems are complex.

Waterproofing systems are as multiple and various as there are companies who specialize in them. Depending on the area or space being waterproofed, there are:

  1. Cementitious waterproofing
  2. Liquid waterproofing membrane
  3. Bituminous Membrane
  4. Bituminous coating
  5. Polyurethane liquid membrane.

Each of the listed types of waterproofing systems have different application methods depending or where in the house or building they will be applied. Having the correct knowledge about how to utilize these waterproofing systems is imperative for the company you select to perform your waterproofing.


Focused and pertinent education.

Waterproofing companies have a wide range of educational resources available to further the education of their employees. The training can take anywhere from several days to several weeks, then the trainee will have to take tests to gain an applicator or installer license. By insisting on trained and certified workers performing installations and repairs, the homeowner is guaranteed a high level of quality in the finished product. It proves the company cares as much about their reputation as they care about the work they do for you.


Better guarantees.

When a company has licensed and certified application professionals, they are able to provide better guarantees for their work. When a waterproofing company is able to rely and the education and experience of their employees, they are more comfortable extending long-term guarantees for the work they perform. Whether you are waterproofing a deck, a basement or a roof, look into the guarantees the company provides.


Insurance companies are demanding licensed personnel.

When it comes to waterproofing systems, insurance companies are insisting that educated and licensed personnel are performing the tasks. The insurance companies are the ones that have to pay the premiums when a waterproof job fails, so they are getting very stringent about who is qualified to perform these tasks. You as the homeowner should be every bit as picky.


Would you hire an unlicensed plumber or electrician to work in your house?

The same dynamic applies to the waterproofing professionals you hire. Construction is an expensive and time-consuming process. Having trained and licensed personnel at every phase of the work is a guarantee that the work is being performed correctly. The importance of educated and experienced installers cannot be overstated.

Use the right company

When you are ready to have professionals answer your questions please contact us. Further employee education and licensing is of the utmost importance to us.  Pli-Dek Systems brings experience and education to the table with any waterproofing system they install.   

2 responses to “Training on Waterproof Deck Systems: Providing Licensed & Educated Personnel”

  1. Patrick Burke says:

    How do you get certified in waterproof application? Where are trainings held? How much does it cost and training duration?

    • Adrienne Smith says:

      Good Morning Patrick! I apologize for the delay. Where the training would be held would depend on your location. If you are in Southern CA we hold them at our Headquarters in Murrieta, CA. But, again, it would depend where you are located. We do our absolute best to accommodate. (Virtual training could be an option.) The training is free to you and it is usually around 4 hours long depending on the group size and how much experience you already have. We will send you an email to follow up with you now as well. Thank you!

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