Size of Crew When Installing a Waterproof Deck System: Comparisons Based on Project

Now that you’re planning to apply a waterproof coating on your deck, it’s time to think about how large the project might become. Are you designing your deck for a small outdoor space, or is it going to become one with larger dimensions and intended for large parties?

When you bring waterproofing experts in, you’ll want to know how many people you’ll employ during the coating application process. Knowing exactly what your deck size is helps you streamline your budget in not having to pay for extra workers you don’t need.

The size of crew when installing a waterproof deck system also depends on more than just deck size. It also goes on how you’ve designed your deck, how much rot you may have on the concrete or plywood, plus how you’ve prepared your deck for the coating installation.

How Many Waterproofing Workers Do You Really Need?

Obviously, a larger crew size is going to finish your waterproofing application faster. You should determine this based on how fast you need to get your coating applied to the deck. Perhaps you have an extreme time limit due to an approaching rain or snowstorm. Or, maybe you have a strict schedule that only allows for limited scheduling.

While you’ll have to pay more for a larger crew, you can get a smaller deck coated in half a day with more workers on the payroll. However, with some companies using easier coating application methods, one or two workers are maybe all you need.

For large decks, you’ll definitely want to consider a larger crew. Although if you have extra time, a smaller crew can still get a coating done in a couple of days.

Crew Size Based on How You’ve Designed Your Deck

If you’ve designed a roof deck, it may take a few more workers from the crew to get things ready based on the situation. One key person in the team to talk to is the supervisor to coordinate everything

The supervisor may need to inspect your roof deck first to assess what damage you have due to heavy rains over the years. Inspection may take only one person, though sometimes it’s several people depending on how large the deck is. These people know what to scope out before work occurs, so it’s important to let them have deck access when arriving.

A balcony deck works the same way, including inspecting hidden areas where you might have water damage.

Once the waterproofing occurs, you need to prepare for the crew to have as much space as possible. It’s here where preparation helps your work crew finish the job faster.

Preparing for the Crew to Arrive

Whether a large or small crew, you need to prepare for them so they have a clear deck to work on. However, also prepare for parking and bathrooms around your home since they’ll need these available while working during the day.

If you feel a smaller crew requires your input in order to do the job right, you need to step back and give them your trust. Any micro-managing just gets in the way of their work time.

Whether just one worker or a dozen, you need to trust their judgement since the results in applying waterproof coatings are always positive.

Bringing in Waterproofing Experts During the Building Stage

To reduce the crew size, you’ll want to bring in waterproofing experts when you actually build your deck. Doing so removes the challenges imposed if you let your deck go without any coating for years.

When bringing in waterproofing experts later to assess your damage, it could take a far larger crew to properly analyze what needs done. As always, prevention is the key to prevent larger disasters and more money spent later.

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