The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Certified Waterproof System Applicator

The key to extending the lifespan and beauty of your deck is to install a trusted waterproofing system. While some property owners opt for a do-it-yourself approach, you can maximize your deck’s safety and longevity by enlisting the services of a waterproofing installation expert. Below are the top 10 reasons why it is important to have a certified waterproof system applicator install your system.

1) Your safety is maximized. Promoting safety is a top priority for certified waterproof system applicators. Certified applicators are constantly taking steps to ensure that your safety is maximized before, during, and after the waterproofing process. Most important, they are always focused on the following during the application process:

  • Prevention of slips and falls that may occur when installing a waterproofing system
  • Protection of children and pets from sharp nails and dangerous chemicals
  • Identification of decks that are unstable or could potentially collapse

2) Extensive training. Certified waterproof system applicators are trained to recognize potentially dangerous problems that may not be evident to laypersons. For instance, certified applicators know the signs of an unstable foundation and can identify signs of rotting or warped wood that should be replaced.

3) Attention to weather conditions. Well-trained applicators know the impact that weather can have on a waterproofing system. For instance, they know there are specific weather conditions that produce top results. Ideally, waterproofing systems should be installed under the following weather conditions:

  • The surrounding temperature should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dry weather conditions before and after installation are desirable
  • Application during the early morning or evening is best to avoid extreme deck surface temperatures

4) Faster installation. Customers are usually eager to have their waterproofing systems installed as quickly as possible. Installers possessing certification operate methodically yet efficiently to enable customers to show off their newly waterproofed decks quickly.

5) The correct tools are used. Certified applicators have the protective clothing and tools required to safely install waterproofing systems. For instance, they wear special spiked shoes and employ variable speed mixing drills to make sure that coatings are thoroughly mixed in advance of the application process.

6) A proactive approach. Certified applicators instinctively go beyond the call of duty when approaching a waterproofing project. For instance, they take the time to inspect your deck’s foundation and condition prior to the waterproofing process. They also scan your deck for the presence of protruding nails and other potentially dangerous pitfalls.

7) You receive a warranty. Certification is often synonymous with guaranteed quality in the deck waterproofing industry. Waterproofing systems that are installed by a certified applicator nearly always include a warranty.

8) Adherence to industry regulations. Certified waterproof system applicators are keenly aware of enforceable slip and fall standards established by OSHA, the Federal Housing Act (FHA), and the American Disabilities Act (ADA). They can provide recommendations for customers who might be exposed to potentially slippery situations.

9) Preventive maintenance guidance. A certified applicator will take the time to educate deck owners about the importance of ongoing maintenance. They can provide cleaning recommendations and offer a suggested maintenance schedule to help you care for your newly waterproofed deck.

10) Enjoy peace of mind. When you receive expert guidance, a warranty, and the comfort that accompanies strict adherence to safety guidelines, you can relax and truly enjoy your newly waterproofed deck.

To learn more about the peace of mind that a certified waterproof system applicator can bring to your deck, please contact us. Pli-Dek’s certified waterproof system applicators have your safety at heart. They also have the tools and expertise required to install a waterproofing system that will extend the life of your deck for years. We look forward to assisting you with your waterproofing needs!