Waterproofing High Pedestrian Traffic Areas

If you want to improve safety and increase the longevity of high traffic pedestrian surfaces, then you need to consider the advantages of applying a waterproof coating. Not only will the right product achieve these two goals, but a waterproof coating can also introduce a decorative factor that increases the value of a property.

Accident & Injury 

Topping the list of measures to take to prevent slip and fall related accidents  is creating a safer surface. The major hazard on a pedestrian surface is liquid. The majority of injuries are sprains and dislocations of the lower extremities. In a hospital study led by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), researchers discovered that by taking preventive measures, slip and fall injury claims were reduced by nearly 60%.

Prevention Strategies

Ongoing good housekeeping strategies are, of course, the first strategy. However, cleaning up spills and puddles of water for outdoor pedestrian traffic areas is just not practical. A waterproof, rubberized coating becomes the perfect solution.

In addition to waterproofing, a safer pedestrian surface should also include a textured feature. A rougher surface creates better gripping action, especially on rainy days. This is called the “Coefficient of Friction” (COF). Many variables affect the friction between a pedestrian and a walking surface. Texture is one of those variables which serves to lower the risk of slippage by increasing gripping action.


Outdoor surfaces are exposed to the elements 24/7. A rubberized membrane is the first line of defense against the damaging effects of sun, wind, rain, freezing temperatures and ice. With products that feature UV protection and insulative properties, outdoor pedestrian surfaces simply last longer. Even in newly constructed structures, one would not expect to have problems with a sidewalk. However, the contraction and expansion that occurs with extreme cold and heat can quickly form cracks in concrete. Introduce moisture into those cracks which can freeze, making cracks expand, it is easy to see how even a new sidewalk can quickly deteriorate. Cracks can easily result in pedestrians stumbling and losing their balance which can lead to injuries. Where outdoor concrete pedestrian surfaces exist, rubberized coatings matter.

Custom Aesthetics

Although created for function, pedestrian coatings and membranes can also be customized for visual appeal. Custom colors and logos can all go in to a project’s design. A safety oriented project doubles as a property investment that enhances the professional appearance of a business.

Where It Matters

Make the most of your investment by using pedestrian coatings in the places where it matters most:

  • Areas of noticeable wear indicating high pedestrian traffic.
  • Pedestrian areas that feature an incline such as wheelchair ramps.
  • Entries to buildings.
  • Paths of travel from parking areas to building.
  • Stairs.

Selecting The Best

Not all waterproofing systems are created equally. It is important to select a system with a reputation for high performance, quality endurance and a warranty that backs up what the manufacturer promises. A system such as Pli-Dek, that has been around for more than 35 years, offers products that are unrivaled by competitors. An array of coatings designed specifically for concrete, wood deck surfaces as well as indoor surfaces are preferred by professionals in the coating industry.

However, the Pli-Dek commitment to specialty coatings goes even further than the products they manufacture. They are diligent to partner with certified applicators, contractors who have been diligently trained in the best methods for applying their coating systems. It is this commitment to excellence which keeps Pli-Dek coating products in demand and unparalleled in industry leadership. Contact us to connect with a Pli-Dek manufacturer strategically located nearby and well-trained technicians who can deliver success with a waterproofing project of a high traffic pedestrian area.