Can Anyone Install Your Waterproof Deck Coating?


A waterproof deck coating can greatly enhance the luster and durability of your patio area and deck. However, the beauty and functionality of your deck coating hinges upon whether the coating is properly applied according to specifications. As you ask yourself whether anyone can install your waterproof deck coating, remember that failure to accurately install your waterproof deck coating can result in safety hazards, poor longevity and an unattractive appearance. Below are five benefits having your waterproof deck coating installed by a trained applicator as opposed to attempting to apply the coating on your own.

1) Trained applicators have received thorough instruction and hands-on training. Trained applicators know the critical steps to take before, during and after the waterproof coating process. For instance, they know the importance of taking the following steps during the coating process:

  • Before application: They spot warped or dry-rotted plywood that needs to be replaced
  • During application: They use the appropriate tools to ensure proper application
  • After application: They provide expert advice about maintenance and cleaning

2) Safety precautions are emphasized by trained applicators. People who have never applied deck coatings are not aware of the hazards associated with improperly installed deck coatings. Qualified applicators have been trained to recognize the following hazards and take the necessary steps to help prevent them from happening:

  • The potential for slips and falls on coated decks
  • Unsafe conditions due to a poor structural foundation
  • Potential injury due to cracks, protruding nails and joint decay

3) Trained applicators can complete a project more accurately and efficiently. Time is often of the essence to people who are anxious to have their decks finished by a pre-set deadline. Unlike novices who are new to the waterproofing process, trained applicators have completed multiple waterproofing projects and have perfected the installation process. They know all of the tricks of the trade and can complete your job more quickly. Most important, trained applicators have a strong working knowledge of coating specifications and the processes required to install the coatings in exact accordance to manufacturer specifications.

4) Trained applicators have the proper tools and attire for installation. A flawless application of waterproof deck coating requires a set of specific tools. Below are some of the key tools that trained applicators use that most novices do not typically have on hand:

  • Special metal-cutting scissors called tin snips to cut the lathe that fits over the plywood
  • A pneumatic nail gun to fully seat nails and provide speed to finish the job efficiently
  • A variable speed mixing drill to ensure thorough mixing of the coating prior to application
  • Spiked shoes to permit applicators to walk on wet coatings without causing footprints


In addition to having access to these tools, qualified applicators have been trained to use them safely and efficiently, increasing the likelihood that you will be pleased with your final product.

5) A warranty is typically included when a trained applicator installs your coating. If you decide to apply your own waterproof deck coating, you will have no warranty to help provide coverage in case application errors lead to problems such as damage to the underlying layers of your deck. When evaluating deck coating providers, you should seek a company that emphasizes the importance of hiring trained, qualified applicators. The warranty that accompanies their services will provide you with the peace of mind that will allow you to relax and enjoy your newly finished deck.

Clearly, there are many benefits of hiring a trained applicator to apply your waterproof deck coating. For nearly two decades, the trusted certified applicators with Pli-Dek have worked to expertly apply waterproof deck coatings safely and according to manufacturer specifications. Please contact us to learn how we can help you with your deck waterproofing needs today!