Waterproofing Failures: Consultants & Waterproof Deck Coatings

After building an outdoor deck, you may consider waterproofing as an afterthought. This is a mistake if you live in an overly rainy climate because your deck could deteriorate quickly without a waterproof system. And even after a few years, you can still apply a waterproof coating for future moisture protection and avoid more waterproofing failures.

What’s important is to choose the right type of waterproof membrane. Also hiring a quality team that uses consultants is important, because they may have to supervise the application taking place accurately.

In some cases, you may have to hire a consultant to assist in waterproofing. If you’re building a new house and have architects and contractors nearby, they can sometimes act as consultants on a number of matters.

Waterproofing Failures Consultant surveying deck

Defining a Waterproof Consultant

Waterproofing consultants need registering to become official. They’ll need to pass General Consultant Knowledge (GCK) exams to obtain their certification. Those already working as a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC®), or as a Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC®) don’t have to take the above exams.

Basically, they require 70 hours of continuing education. But this is not including attending three seminars related to the waterproofing industry. Registrations also need renewal every year, so a real consultant keeps up on the latest industry changes.

What will they do to make sure your waterproofing system application occurs correctly? Their above exams focus on real-world scenarios.


Surveying Decks and Roofs

Almost every waterproofing consultant business lists deck and roof inspection as one of the first things they’ll do when arriving at the worksite. Without consultants to inspect roof and deck condition, a contractor might go ahead and do waterproofing work without realizing how much damage is already there.

A consultant understands how to scope out hidden rotting and other forms of deterioration. If you use concrete on your deck, many issues can become hidden without expert analysis up close (and frequently underneath).


Moisture Evaluations Without Causing Damage

Without a consultant around, a contractor might proceed with waterproofing a deck and not realize moisture is still present under the plywood or concrete. Any residual moisture hidden in the membrane can easily cause cracking and peeling later under the coating.

Consultants know how to evaluate moisture without having to disrupt anything. Anyone else who doesn’t know what they’re doing might do a moisture evaluation and damage the existing material on your deck.


Specialty Tests

Other tests a consultant does include infrared thermography to determine what the exact surface temperature is on your deck. Plus, they’ll do wind uplift and bonded pull tests. The latter tests the mechanical bond strength of the compound before it’s applied.

Some tests can become very technical, including nuclear penetration testing.


Studying Roof and Deck Design

It’s here where the consultant needs to work with your architect to find out how you designed your deck. Whether you have a roof deck or a balcony deck, all of these have specific characteristics requiring an inspection to avoid mistakes and other waterproofing failures.

Most consultation here revolves around how you designed your drainage system. The type of drainage you use determines how the waterproof team applies the coating. First, the drainage needs checking to see if it’s working well to avoid future water damage.

A consultancy team additionally checks things like slabs, door sills, and where you’ve placed your deck railings.


Quality Control

To end their inspections, consultants look at overall quality control to assure the waterproofing team mixes the compound correctly as just starters. They also need to make sure the deck surface is clean and the application process occurs within the proper temperatures.

At Pli-Dek Systems, we offer a unique waterproofing system that’s easy to apply. Using a quality consultant team, we give assurance to getting the job done right.

Contact us learn more about how important consultants are and learn how to avoid any waterproofing failures.