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Sun Exposure to Concrete and Wood Structures causes UV damage

UV Damage: The Hidden Danger to Concrete and Wood

  UV damage and sun exposure, the hidden danger. While you may think your house, decks or concrete areas are safe with just a waterproof sealant, they aren’t. Harsh UV rays damage both wood, masonry and concrete surfaces over time. In areas with a long photo-period (length of sunshine per day) over the summer months, UV damage […]

Re-Sealing a Waterproof Deck Coating

Re-Sealing a Waterproof Deck Coating

  You’ve put plenty of time and effort into deciding what type of waterproof deck coating you want to use. You want your efforts to last for years, making your deck stand out for both its beauty and function–and you want to be able to keep using your deck with the assurance that you won’t […]

Templates Create Masterpiece Finishes

Templates Create Masterpiece Finishes

  Do you dream of a flooring finish that is Old World style flagstone or the intricate pattern of an expert bricklayer? Patterned templates with a waterproofing deck system can get you the floor of your dreams. It is an economical solution for a masterpiece finish. It also simplifies a project. A template finish can be completed in record […]

Concrete Coating a Pool Deck

Waterproofing Pool Decks Preserves Your Investment

Why waterproof pool decks? It’s concrete, surely it should be able to handle a bit of water, right? That slab of concrete may seem awfully tough but it is more vulnerable than you think. Here’s why you need to waterproof your pool deck. Cracks One of the most common signs of wear and tear on a pool deck […]

Finish Texture Options for a Waterproofing System

Finish Texture Options for a Waterproofing System

  Before you make the final decisions on a waterproofing system for your floor, walkway, deck or patio, before you “seal the deal” so to speak, think about texture. Yes, that’s right, texture. Enhance flooring projects one step further than just waterproofing with texture coat systems. Options for a patterned or textured finish will add visual appeal and further […]

PD Texture Coat concrete example

How a Patterned Finish can Transform the Look of Your Deck

How a patterned finish can transform the look of your deck is amazing. With the many options, designs and textures available on the market, the choices prove hard to make. The only option that doesn’t prove difficult is whether the homeowner wants to increase the value of their home. Curb appeal once meant how a house looked […]

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