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Workers on job site repairing plywood decking

How to Prepare for a Deck Waterproofing Installation

  There’s been some exciting advances made in the last decade, when it comes to waterproofing materials for decks; owners now have a wide selection of quality finishes and applications to consider for their projects. The outside surface decks of buildings or homes, usually are constructed of wood materials. There’s good reason for this, yet […]

ASTM Testing: Evaluating Waterproofing Standards

Waterproofing Standards: Evaluating ASTM Testing

ASTM Testing’s mission is to evaluate – through waterproofing standards testing – products used to waterproof materials, surfaces and building systems. Tests even concern the “green” aspect of the chemicals comprising the coating. These tests include how best to apply a coating and with what tools. Nonetheless, it is the hydrostatic movement of water from the […]

Residential Waterproof Deck Coatings Base Coat

Deck Waterproofing: The Webster Dictionary of Common Terms

  Deck Waterproofing Terminology, like all professions, has its own terms and words to describe what waterproofing is and does. It applies to applications, tools and processes that occur to and during waterproofing. It becomes a language of its own and gaining knowledge of the terms helps to understand what waterproofing truly means. Like other languages, […]

Destruction of Metal Flashing by Water Intrusion

The building of structures creates joints between floors and walls, along supporting-beam joints and between conjoining sections of floor decking. These joints spaces are openings, and even if they are very tight, water will still seep into these narrow cracks. Construction experience shows that more than just caulking material must be used to secure these joints. The metal strip […]

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