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Examples of Concrete Flooring Finishes

Knockdown vs. Handtrowel: Concrete Flooring Finishes

These days, it seems days that the construction industry is getting the upper hand on creativity and art. Whatever the project, the industry seems to come up with an idea that beautifies the result. Surprisingly, that is even true of concrete. Colorized and textured concrete are becoming common and provide a beautiful and innovate touch […]

A Deck Waterproofing Project

Tips to Manage A Deck Waterproofing Project

  Managing a deck waterproofing project is just like managing any other project where chemical safety and completion time are crucial issues. Following the tips below will ensure a safe and satisfying experience, with results that save you money and improve the quality of your time at home. Before you do anything, make sure you know […]

waterproofing a balcony deck

Maintenance For A Waterproof Deck Coating

You proudly admire your new waterproof deck. You love the spongy feel of the rubberized coating under your bare feet. You revel in the freedom of not having to worry about water damage. You pat yourself on the back for being so wise as to protect your investment in a way that enhances the value […]

Waterproofing Plywood Prep for durable decking indoors and outside

Waterproofing Plywood: Get Your Decking Ready

Waterproofing plywood is essential for both indoor and outside installations. Sealing the substrate prevents moisture damage and ensures a durable decking.

Not all decks are constructed of pressure treated timbers, many are surfaced with plywood. Plywood is created by layering thin wooden boards that are compressed and glued together with the wood grains opposing one another. Waterproofing plywood preparation is the first step in preserving any plywood decking project during installation.

Tools Used By Waterproof System Installers

6 Ways Applicators Extend the Life of Waterproof Deck Coatings

  Before application: The foundation of the new waterproof deck, whether it be concrete or plywood, is essential to be of sound construction. The waterproof deck cannot be used as a structural component. In other words, do not have the impression that the waterproof deck coating is going to fill-in holes or provide structural integrity. What […]