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Small Balcony with table and two chairs

Protecting Your Deck by Waterproofing

  One of the best places to own a home is around an area that receives sunlight for the better part of the year. For most people, the best way to enjoy this nature’s gift is by building a deck on the side of the house exposed to sunlight. The material of choice for the […]

hi-rise apartment building in long beach ca

Balcony Replacement: Signs of Impending Danger

  More than a matter of aesthetics, the time to consider balcony replacement  more often comes as a matter of safety. Many signs present themselves that should concern the homeowner. There are enough annual balcony collapses to put everyone on notice of just how important the health of their balconies translates directly to their safety. An […]

Can Snow Damage a Waterproof Deck System?

  Can snow damage a waterproof deck system? Yes, eventually. Waterproof decking systems can and do sustain damage over time, especially in climates with cold winters. Depending on where you live and how your system was installed, heavy snow and cold temperatures will cause problems with your waterproofing system in the long run. There are […]

Inspection Before Waterproof System Is Installed

Obtaining an inspection before waterproof system is installed is an absolute must for many reasons. So many actual incidents, some very tragic, have occurred over the years to suggest that with a little foresight the ensuing damage might not have transpired. Though most people think of wood or even concrete when it comes to waterproofing, in reality […]

waterproofing a balcony deck maintenance

Maintenance For A Waterproof Deck Coating

You proudly admire your new waterproof deck. The love of the spongy feel of the rubberized coating under your bare feet. You revel in the freedom of not having to worry about water damage. And pat yourself on the back for being so wise as to protect your investment in a way that enhances the […]

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