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osb Substrate below flooring

OSB Substrate Compatibility With Waterproofing Systems

  OSB substrate for waterproofing systems is a perfectly viable construction method. This type of board is a versatile and extremely strong construction material.  OSB and plywood are products used in multiple facets of construction. Both are considered sheeting material; used in floor, ceiling, roof and wall substrates.   What is plywood? Plywood is put together […]

Deck Flashing installed before waterproofing system

Why Flashing is Important for Deck Waterproofing Systems

Many times, homeowners looking to renovate their homes have pulled an aging door only to reveal siding, sheathing, and framing that’s consistent with colonies of ants and rotting wood. The lack of metal flashing leave the house without any means to prevent water from seeping in between the boards or supporting decks of the establishments. […]

Tile and standard finish deck example

Performance Requirements of a Waterproof Deck Coating

  Exploring the need for waterproofing any deck leads to the conclusion that one plan may not serve the overall purpose. The deck, often consisting mainly of wood, or a composite, or even concrete is actually the sum of several materials. Performance Requirements of a Waterproof deck coating, therefore, require a more holistic look at the […]

Waterproofing Plywood Prep for durable decking indoors and outside

Waterproofing Plywood: Get Your Decking Ready

Waterproofing plywood is essential for both indoor and outside installations. Sealing the substrate prevents moisture damage and ensures a durable decking.

Not all decks are constructed of pressure treated timbers, many are surfaced with plywood. Plywood is created by layering thin wooden boards that are compressed and glued together with the wood grains opposing one another. Waterproofing plywood preparation is the first step in preserving any plywood decking project during installation.