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Waterproofing a staircase correctly

Stair Waterproofing: A Step in the Right Direction

  Stair waterproofing systems exposed to the outdoor elements always cause the owners or managers of public buildings to squint. These areas of public and even private access are ripe for lawsuits. Slip and fall cases are all too familiar in the courtrooms across the nation. Usually economically minor, these cases are often referred to […]

The Benefits of Epoxy Showroom Flooring

  Showrooms are designed to evoke a positive psychological and emotional response from patrons when they first enter the product display area. Whether it is a car dealership incorporating a sense of style and sophistication to complement its line of high-quality polished vehicles, or a home decor gallery seeking a unique personality to display modern […]

Durable Epoxy Flooring in family garage

Create Functional Beauty With A Custom Finish

  Making the decision to have an epoxy coating applied to the surface of any flooring is not the final decision to make. The next decision is about aesthetics and enhancing safety. With many colors and patterns to choose from among the many epoxy floor coating finish options available, every project can take on the custom appearance desired […]

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