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Drainage system on roof deck being constructed

Understanding The Materials Used For Deck Waterproofing

Homeowners may have many questions about the materials used for deck waterproofing. Terminology the average lay person is unfamiliar with is often used that can leave a person puzzled as to what is really going on. They may have their own ideas that are important to them of how the project should be approached but lack the […]

Residential Waterproof Deck Coatings Base Coat

Deck Waterproofing: The Webster Dictionary of Common Terms

  Deck Waterproofing Terminology, like all professions, has its own terms and words to describe what waterproofing is and does. It applies to applications, tools and processes that occur to and during waterproofing. It becomes a language of its own and gaining knowledge of the terms helps to understand what waterproofing truly means. Like other languages, […]

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