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The Importance of Waterproofing Tile

Waterproofing Tile, keeping your Rooftop Decks water-tight

Importance of waterproofing tile, keeping your outdoor living spaces water-tight. Tiled rooftop decks are incredibly popular, for good reason. They expand living space and increase resale value while providing the homeowner hours of enjoyment in good weather. Places like Florida and coastal Eastern US have hundreds of thousands of rooftop decks on houses large and […]

Finish Texture Options for a Waterproofing System

Finish Texture Options for a Waterproofing System

  Before you make the final decisions on a waterproofing system for your floor, walkway, deck or patio, before you “seal the deal” so to speak, think about texture. Yes, that’s right, texture. Enhance flooring projects one step further than just waterproofing with texture coat systems. Options for a patterned or textured finish will add visual appeal and further […]

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