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Worker applying Pli-Dek waterproofing solution with hand trowel

Understanding ASTM Performance Requirements for Waterproofing Systems

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an international, non-profit standards and performance testing organization formed in 1898 to address the frequent breakage of locomotive rails made from steel. Today, the ASTM issues a set of technical standards that define a wide range of products, systems, services, and materials, in terms of generally […]

Metal Head Deck Drain

Deck Drains for Deck Waterproofing Systems

Deck drains for deck waterproofing systems serve more than extending the life of a deck. They improve the safety of decks; especially in those areas where rainfall is heavy. They are only part of the overall waterproofing system that all decks should consider incorporating in their design. They are a special feature that when added […]

Tools Used By Waterproof System Installers

The Challenges Experienced in The Deck Waterproofing Industry

Waterproofing has been part of the broader construction industry for a long time. The need to protect structures from the harmful effects of exposure to water and other environmental elements has been important dating back when wooden boats needed special sealants to keep them afloat. Over time, specialization in the waterproofing industry has taken root, […]

Model Building Code Organizations- Regulating Standards in the Building Industry

What are model building code organizations? A model building code organization is a set of building codes that are developed and maintained by a standards organization. This standards organization operates independently of the jurisdiction or area in which the building code standards are being developed. Local governments or councils can choose to adopt these building […]


Warranties in the Waterproofing Industry: Cover & Requirements

If you’ve ever had deck waterproofing, did those who did the service give you a good warranty on the work? Warranties in the waterproofing industry can sometimes get complex as many physical labor warranties are. One reason waterproofing warranties get so confusing is because they typically involve ones from the manufacturer, installer, and involve numerous […]

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