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Tag: Waterproofing System

Workers on job site repairing plywood decking

The Recommended Job Conditions to Apply a Waterproof System

The recommended job conditions to apply a waterproof system, it’s up to you to have this knowledge. Despite their ease of application and superior waterproofing abilities, there are lots of things to consider before applying a waterproof membrane system. The more education you have on the materials used and the ideal application conditions, the better […]

Workers on job site repairing plywood decking

Common Errors When Installing a Waterproof System

  The most common errors when installing a waterproof system begin with the first error — choosing a contractor. The best laid plans of mice and men start with that first step that only promises to reverberate throughout the entire project and the waterproofing system’s life. Choosing a contractor can prove taxing, but it is worth the […]

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