The Top 7 Safety Rules to Follow When Installing a Waterproof Deck

Installation of a waterproof deck coating can add years to the life of your deck while simultaneously enhancing your deck’s appearance. The most important factor to remember during the installation process is the safety of installation technicians and the people and pets that live on the property. Below are seven key safety rules to follow during the waterproofing process plus the most important steps to take to avoid common injuries that can occur during this process.

Seven Key Safety Procedures to Follow when Installing a Waterproof Deck 

Installing a waterproof deck is best accomplished by a trained professional who is familiar with key safety procedures. Below are the seven most important safety procedures to follow during the installation of a waterproof deck:

1) Evaluate the deck’s structural foundation before beginning the waterproofing process. A deck with a weak or crumbling foundation is a danger zone for a team of waterproofing technicians and their equipment. Make sure that a deck is structurally sound before waterproofing.

2) Screen the deck’s surface for the presence of warped or rotting wood. Rotting wood can lead to the collapse of a deck’s surface under your feet. Be sure to replace any warped or rotting wood prior to beginning the installation of a waterproofing system.

3) Check all deck joints for the presence of decay. A deck’s joints are the most common sites for decay. Accordingly, each joint should be carefully inspected for the presence of decay. Any decaying joints should be repaired or replaced.

4) Make sure that any loose or protruding nails are replaced. Loose or protruding nails can cause waterproofing technicians to trip or fall during the process. Carefully screen the deck for any loose nails and make sure they are removed and replaced with new nails.

5) Wear spiked shoes when applying installing a waterproof deck coating. Failure to wear spiked shoes can cause an installer to fall on the deck’s slippery surface.

6) Ensure that the deck area is free of people and pets before waterproofing. The presence of nail guns and chemical agents can lead to injury to pets and small children. Make sure that you have made arrangements for your family before the waterproofing process begins.

7) Educate property owners about deck maintenance and safety precautions. Once your waterproof deck is safely installed, property owners should be educated about the best ways to care for their decks and prevent future injury.


The Most Common Injuries Sustained During Waterproof Deck Installation

Failure to follow the safety procedures outlined above can cause injuries that range from minor cuts and scrapes to fatalities. These injuries relate to both the structural condition of the deck and the waterproofing chemicals that are applied to the deck surface. Below are the most common injuries that occur during the deck waterproofing process:

  • Falls due to slippery conditions caused during the waterproofing process
  • Injury due to partial or complete collapse of a deck that is not structurally sound
  • Ingestion of chemicals or nails by children or pets


Steps to Ensure that Deck Installation Safety Rules Are Followed 

The best way to prevent the injuries outlined above is to seek the help of a professionally trained waterproof deck installer. Professional technicians have the experience and materials required to safely and successfully install a waterproof deck. Below are five critical steps that you should take to make sure safety rules are followed:

1) Ensure that waterproof deck installers are properly trained.

2) Make sure that deck installers use the proper tools.

3) Wear the proper safety gear.

4) Keep all people, children, and pets away from the work area.

5) Periodically review safety guidelines during ongoing training sessions.


Enlisting the Guidance of an Expert on Safe Waterproof Deck Installation 

Safety procedures are literally the foundation of a sound waterproof deck installation process. Please contact us for more information on our waterproofing systems and safety procedures during the waterproof installation process. Our experienced waterproofing specialists are certified to abide by industry safety regulations. We look forward to helping you safely install your waterproof deck today!