Dek C-Ment System

Dek C-Ment System

Dek C-Ment is a high-strength underlayment designed specifically for installation with Pli-Dek’s Con-Dek system to provide enhanced acoustical performance. Together, Dek C-Ment and the Con-Dek system provide an assembly that is waterproof, fire rated and offers the ability to incorporate sound control mats for a “sound waterproofing solution.” This assembly is ideal for areas that require sound control and waterproofing such as walkways, corridors, roof decks and personal balconies.

Dek C-Ment System Brochure

PLI-DEK Brochure

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  • ICC ESR-2540
  • 1 Hour & Class “A” Fire Rated
  • Enhanced Acoustical Performance
  • Extremely Durable
  • ADA Compliant Finishes
  • Extensive Finish Options
  • UV resistant

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