El San Juan Hotel - Monarch Suite – San Juan, Puerto Rico


SCOPE: Replacement of existing bituthene membrane over living space
TYPE OF WORK: Rehabilitation
SIZE: 1,500 Square Feet


Pro-Crete Systems contacted Pli-Dek, Inc. looking for a solution to resolve the habitual leaks on a balcony, over living space at the ocean front Casitas in Hilton’s El San Juan Resort & Casino in Puerto Rico. The Casita had existing Spanish tile over mortar bed with a bituthene membrane. The existing system had both ponding water issues along with various leaks throughout the existing patio system. Having not seen the project, Pli-Dek traveled to Puerto Rico and worked side-by-side with Pro-Crete to design and resolve issues as they arose during the demolition process.


Initially, Pli-Dek was planning to install the Con-Dek system over the existing mortar bed after the tiles had been removed. Upon removal of the tiles, we discovered the mortar bed was loose and had too many hollow spots in it to be used as a suitable substrate. The decision was made to remove both the mortar bed and the bituthene membrane. Once everything had been removed, it was discovered that there was insufficient drainage.

The only exiting drains were cut through the concrete, which were incorrect for the current system in place. In addition, we faced tight windows for installation between the daily tropical rains. The final issue was that the existing substrate had ponding water and reverse slope.


Working with Pli-Dek’s knowledge base, and Pro-Crete’s application skill set, our team was able to resolve the ponding water and sloping conditions. We also corrected the existing drains by making custom drains using the Pli-Dek fiberglass and resin material. Even though we faced weather conditions, the Con-Dek system allowed flexibility in curing time. Which made for an easier application process. The success of the project was based on the ability of Pli-Dek to be on-site continuously until all parties were comfortable with the project’s resolutions.


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