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5 Typical Setbacks During a Waterproof System Installation

5 Typical Setbacks During a Waterproof System Installation

5 Typical Setbacks During a Waterproof System Installation


When you’re ready to create a great waterproof deck outside your home, the last thing you want to do is wait longer than necessary. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as you would like for it to be. There are several setbacks that can destroy your deck installation schedule and make it impossible for you to complete it according to your preset timeline. When you’re working with a contractor, be sure you’re familiar with how they’ll handle these common setbacks and their ability to wreak havoc on your plans.

Setback #1: The Weather

When you imagine summer days, you think about long, lazy days when it’s bright outside and easy for work to get done. Unfortunately, there are bound to be days when the weather doesn’t cooperate with your schedule! When it’s raining, it’s impossible to put the coating you need on your waterproof deck. In fact, any time you’re completing an outdoor construction project, you need to allow time for potential weather delays. Checking the upcoming weather before you begin your construction project can help, but keep in mind that the weather is subject to change–and it rarely falls in line with your desires. Keep in mind, too, that your construction team can’t work as efficiently in a wet area. For certain stages of the deck-building process, they’ll have to wait for things to dry out completely before they can proceed. For this reason, the weather is the primary cause of setbacks for many construction projects–and it’s one that neither you nor your contractor can control.

Setback #2: Improper Materials

When you work with an experienced contractor to build your waterproof deck, you can assume that they’ll bring the right materials to the job the first time–and that they’ll order materials that are up to code. Occasionally, however, the manufacturer or supplier will provide substandard materials that you don’t want to become part of your deck. When that happens, you’ll face delays while your contractor sorts out the problem and makes sure that they have the right materials for your deck.

Setback #3: You Aren’t Prepared

There are some tasks that may be necessary for you to complete before beginning your deck construction project. When you’ve been told that you need to take care of those tasks, but don’t manage to complete them, you’ll quickly find that it’s difficult for construction to proceed on schedule–and there’s nothing your contractor can do about it. They can’t put sealant on a deck that is covered in furniture, for example, nor can they place it on wood that you’ve just sprayed down with the hose as you were pressure washing your siding.

Setback #4: Unexpected Changes in the Project

You initially had one plan for your waterproof deck, but as the project continued, you decided that you wanted something else entirely. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common project delay. Not only can it cause the need for new materials, it can significantly delay your contractor’s ability to complete your project on schedule. Take the time to be sure of what you want before embarking on your construction journey. You’ll find that it’s much more effective in the long run and will help prevent delays during the construction process.

Setback #5: Neighborhood Regulations

Before you started your deck design, did you take the time to check out neighborhood regulations? Examining these regulations is a critical part of a smooth construction process. Make sure you know exactly where the property lines are and that your deck won’t be encroaching on your neighbor’s property, too. Discovering these issues mid-project can lead to significant delays and additional expense.

Putting together your waterproof deck is exciting. You can’t wait to have the project done! Unfortunately, while applicators do their best to minimize delays, there are some delays that are simply impossible to predict. Contact us today to learn more about how we can have you enjoying your waterproof deck as soon as possible.