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Why summer deck construction is popular

Why Summer Deck Construction is Popular

The Summer Months and Deck Construction During the busy summer months, more people are starting construction projects–including deck construction projects–than any other time of year. This can lead to delays in getting your project off the ground, leading many people to wonder if waiting for fall is the better way to handle their deck waterproofing […]

Tools Used By Waterproof System Installers

The Challenges Experienced in The Deck Waterproofing Industry

Waterproofing has been part of the broader construction industry for a long time. The need to protect structures from the harmful effects of exposure to water and other environmental elements has been important dating back when wooden boats needed special sealants to keep them afloat. Over time, specialization in the waterproofing industry has taken root, […]

Workers on job site repairing plywood decking

The Recommended Job Conditions to Apply a Waterproof System

The recommended job conditions to apply a waterproof system, it’s up to you to have this knowledge. Despite their ease of application and superior waterproofing abilities, there are lots of things to consider before applying a waterproof membrane system. The more education you have on the materials used and the ideal application conditions, the better […]

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