Re-Sealing a Waterproof Deck Coating


You’ve put plenty of time and effort into deciding what type of waterproof deck coating you want to use. You want your efforts to last for years, making your deck stand out for both its beauty and function–and you want to be able to keep using your deck with the assurance that you won’t experience dry rot or other difficult problems. Re-sealing your waterproof deck coating on a regular basis is one of the most important parts of that process.

What Does a Re-Seal Application Do for Your Waterproof Deck?

Your waterproof deck coating is made up of several layers. The top coat is one of the most critical: it’s a clear layer that protects all the rest of the deck from water. It’s not typically visible when you look at the deck. In fact, your paint may still look wonderful, while the top coat is suffering significant damage. Re-sealing your waterproof deck by applying a new top coat will refresh the coating and provide a new layer of protection for your deck. That means that the paint won’t end up becoming damaged, you’ll be less likely to have leaks, and you can enjoy your deck longer.

How Does the Waterproof Deck Coating Become Damaged?

Normal wear and tear is enough to damage your waterproof deck top coating over time. Many top coatings need to be renewed every 2-3 years under normal use. By that time, most of the top coating has worn away, leaving your paint vulnerable to the rain and other elements.

Of course, heavy use and other items can increase the damage to your waterproof deck coating. Your annual maintenance check can help determine whether or not your deck has experienced damage and let you know if you need to re-seal your waterproof deck coating earlier than anticipated. Some common causes of damage include:

  • Ash and charcoal from grills, which can burn through the waterproof coating
  • Furniture with sharp edges that can scratch up the deck, especially if the furniture is shoved back instead of being lifted
  • Planters and other sharp-edged items that may gouge or scratch the surface of the deck
  • Pots and planters that are left on the surface of the deck with no space between them, preventing water from draining
  • Carpet and other items that have been attached to the top of the deck, holding moisture in
  • Anything that has been screwed or nailed through the top coat, which will leave holes that can cause further damage

If you have any of these concerning items on your deck, it’s important that you examine your deck regularly, re-sealing the top coat when you notice scratches or scrapes in it.

Is It Easy to Re-Seal a Waterproof Deck Coating?

Re-sealing a waterproof deck coating is a relatively simple process. By hiring a professional contractor, you can have your deck coating re-sealed and your deck ready for normal use in as short a time as possible. As long as the weather is good, it will take no time at all to have your deck re-sealed and ready for you to continue enjoying this outdoor living space.

Whether you have a waterproof deck coating that needs to be re-sealed, you need an inspection to determine whether or not your deck needs any additional maintenance, or you’re ready to waterproof your deck for the first time, contact us! We’ll help you decide on the right waterproof deck coating for your deck, set you up on a regular maintenance schedule, or examine your deck to be sure that your top coat is free of any dings and damages, then work with you to keep it looking its best.