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Does your Deck Need a Face Lift? 5 Key Signs it’s Time for Improvements

Now that you’ve had all summer to enjoy your deck, it’s possible you’re noticing some subtle aging signs on the deck you’ve enjoyed for perhaps more than a few years. After five or more years of using a deck for entertaining, it’s inevitable you’ll start to see some signs of wear.

What’s important is to not ignore any deck deterioration signs. It’s easy to get complacent, especially when damage becomes subtle. In some cases, it may require having to inspect things more close-up to see what needs repairing or upgrading.

So does your deck need a face lift? They always do eventually, and it’s time to look at what’s possible.

Here’s five key signs to look out for so you can get them taken care of now. We’ll look at what could potentially happen if they’re ignored.

  1. Signs of Wood Rot

While you might think wood rot is obvious, it’s not always. Sometimes it requires more careful inspection before seeing if wood on your deck is truly rotting. Even so, most wood rot can get scoped out immediately. If the wood looks damp, discolored, or feels soft, it’s time to call in a deck face lift expert.

This may only entail resealing or re-staining the boards, though it may also require more work. Dark wood can sometimes indicate rotting, yet rotting can occur underneath and fool you into thinking the wood is ok.

Rotting ledger boards are also a red flag, and it could lead to deck collapse without some repairs.

  1. A Sagging Deck

Here you have a more visual sign in your deck needing work. On occasion, sagging can become subtle, but you’ll be able to tell by standing on it. If you’re not completely sure, take a level and see if it’s still parallel to the ground.

Reasons for sagging can include rotting, or damage from termites. Even improper installation could cause sagging, so you may need an expert deck team to set things literally straight.

  1. Warped, Split, or Cracked Boards

Not properly weather-treating your deck boards can lead to warping over time. It also causes splits and cracks that aren’t always immediately visible to the naked eye.

Take some time to inspect the boards and see if recent bad weather warped them. In most cases, it only means replacing the boards rather than rebuilding a new deck from scratch.

  1. Railing and Banisters Aren’t Secure

Rotting wood can start to spread fast, and it may affect the sturdiness of your railing and stair banisters. If you notice your railing and deck steps starting to feel flimsy, it’s obviously a sign something isn’t right. Ultimately, this can becomes dangerous, especially when your deck is off the ground.

The last thing you want is your stair railings collapsing when guests depend on them. It could lead to severe injuries and possible lawsuits in the process.

Be sure to inspect all deck risers, make sure they’re in place, and have no decay.

  1. Aging Finish

Another sign of deck deterioration is when the finish on your desk starts to oxidize, flake, or peel. You can use a deck finish stripper to remove this, though it’s a good idea to let professionals do it so it’s done right. They’ll provide proper protection on surrounding surfaces, including for siding, and nearby plants.

After doing finish stripping, the wood on your deck needs expert rinsing, but it’s usually done easily with a pressure washer.

Here at Pli-Dek Systems, we manufacture a wide variety of specialty coatings for the building industry, including helping with decks.

Contact us to use our services to help your deck get a reliable face lift so you can continue to use it for many summers to come.