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Spring Rooftop Decks with ocean view

Extend Your Living Space with Spring Rooftop Decks

With the arrival of spring, many people find themselves heading outside to enjoy the bright, warm weather. Outdoor living space becomes just as important as indoor. Whether you’re short on outdoor space because you don’t have a lot of yard to work with or you’re simply trying to make the most out of every foot […]

Good Neighbors Waterproof Their Rooftop Planter Boxes

Have you ever been seated at a sidewalk cafe and suddenly felt a tell-tale drip, drip, drip down your back? Maybe you even got a full-blown drenching. Chances are it came from someone above watering their plants. Understanding the importance of waterproofing planter boxes is the difference between being a good neighbor or not, as well as […]

PD Texture Coat concrete example

How a Patterned Finish can Transform the Look of Your Deck

How a patterned finish can transform the look of your deck is amazing. With the many options, designs and textures available on the market, the choices prove hard to make. The only option that doesn’t prove difficult is whether the homeowner wants to increase the value of their home. Curb appeal once meant how a house looked […]

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